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Hello Prospective Employees Of SPARC

Please take a moment to read about our mission, history, and culture to ensure we are a fit for each other.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to divert folks out of group homes, hospitals, and other forms of expensive care.

As a result we serve a very challenging demographic.  Our consumers have been through tremendous trauma and personal pain, and they need our empathy and patience.  They need us to walk with them out of deeply distressing events.  This said, we see tremendous resilience in these homes and our job is to work ourselves out of a job.  We’re looking  for professionals who believe that all people, regardless of their circumstances, deserve respect and hope. Additionally, we must believe genuinely that people can change. Our approach is to help elevate folks so that they can elevate others.

Our History

SPARC Leadership

The SPARC Management have all been working in human services for their entire careers with companies that had both  good and bad cultures. These companies were big and small, non-profits and for-profits, and all of us learned what we wanted in a Culture.

We mainly desired that folks treat each other with respect.  We wanted a place where we could make mistakes and we wanted to help people help others.  In addition, we wanted genuine top-down communication and support, NOT an overbearing corporate bureaucracy.  Finally, we wanted a diverse workforce that worked to bring unique perspectives to our conversations.  Some of these cultures allowed for this and others didn’t.  These are the reasons we launched The SPARC Services & Programs.

We have built many services over the years, including Outpatient Clinics, Care / Case Management, Mobile Crisis, Intensive In-Home, Medication Management, Day Treatment, Community Support Teams, ACTT, Substance Abuse service, Group Therapies, Residential Treatment, PRTF, and others.  Yet our passion is serving folks in their homes and communities, so this time around we want to focus on the specialty services associated with that goal. We have seen the damage out-of-home placements can cause, and we are making it our mission to serve this unique consumer base.

Our Culture

Have you ever worked for a company, or supervisor, that encourages negative gossip?

Have you ever had a supervisor that didn’t understand your strengths and areas of growth?  Have you ever had Executive Management hide things from you?

Please refer to our Values

Our culture demands that we maintain a transparent environment, and as a result we want to prepare you for the Pros and Cons of working in our Programs and Services Division.


  • Great Benefits
  • Very rewarding work with a solid mission.
  • Opportunity to keep families together and adults independent.
  • Opportunity to grow personally and professionally in a strong culture.
  • Ability to make above market salaries.
  • Ability to earn performance bonuses and reimbursements.
  • Opportunity to work in small Teams that offer unique weekly support and collaboration.
  • Ability to build relationships with our stakeholders (Managed Care Organizations, Health and Human Services, Juvenile Court, Adult Probation, Schools, Health Clinics, etc)
  • Chance to work in a culture that supports new ideas.
  • Chance to join and grow in a unique start-up that will serve consumers nationwide one day.


  • You will be knee-deep in very real personal trauma and crisis related to our consumers who are working to improve their private situations.
  • Our consumers, especially when struggling with grief, might seem at times intimidating.  Their lives are at times chaotic and very dynamic.
  • The travel itself could burn you out in six months since much of our work is in our consumer’s homes.
  • Our field is constantly in “reform,” which means flexibility is a must.
  • We address conflict head on, with tact.  This could be difficult for those who would rather avoid conflict.
  • Since we’re working mainly in homes and communities, our work hours can be all over the place, and you might be on-call regularly.  This is non-traditional hard work that not everyone is built for.

Are We A Fit?

What we’re looking for… and not so much

Do you desire a strong company culture that understands mistakes will be made, and that growth can occur through learning?  If you want to build a career in human services with plenty of opportunity for personal and professional growth, and if you want to help people avoid institutional care, then your next steps is to chat with our staff.

HOWEVER, if you like to gossip about others, or you work to undermine other’s successes, or you like to whine about things without being open to solutions…then you’ll find SPARC a poor match and we encourage you to explore your journey elsewhere.


Thank you so much, and should you decide to come aboard I look forward to meeting you!

Dan Zorn


Ready To Proceed?

If you feel our strong company culture and values fit your personality and professionalism, please proceed to the job board. We look forward to talking with you. If you’re serious about joining SPARC and if we are failing to respond due to high traffic, feel free to email our President at